• Removalists Do More Than Move Things

    There's so much that goes into a move, even if it's just down the street. Of course, moves tend to be larger than that, often taking people to new cities and states. You know you don't have to do all of the work yourself, but it's so tempting to save money by not hiring anyone and trying to pack up and move on your own. You've been through that before, right?
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  • Getting Your Residential Timber Stumps Replaced

    If your house is built on wood stumps, chances are high it will need to be restumped at some point in the future. Timber is an inorganic construction material that is susceptible to termite or insect damage and can rot when exposed to excessive moisture. When residential timber stumps become damaged by the elements, they compromise the foundational strength of the building, putting building occupants in harm's way. House restumping, which involves removing damaged stumps and replacing them with new ones, will have to be performed to restore the structural integrity of the building.
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