Two reasons to use a storage facility's services after moving into a new home

Posted on: 10 November 2022

Here are a couple of reasons why you might want to use a storage facility after moving into a new home.

To protect any belongings of yours that your new home is not equipped to store

After moving into a new home, you might realise that it is not really equipped to safely store certain items that you own. For example, if you have a collection of old, rare books and your new home is located somewhere quite humid, then it's possible that the delicate paper from which these books' pages are made could get damaged if you store them on bookcases in your humid home (as moisture in the air may make the pages mouldy or might result in them sticking to one another). In this situation, it might be best to put the books in a storage unit. Storage units in most modern storage facilities have climate-control features that prevent the humidity levels within them from climbing too high. By putting the books into this type of unit, you wouldn't need to worry about trying to manage the humidity levels in your new home and you could still access the books at any time.

Similarly, if you have an extensive collection of clothes and your new home only has space for a couple of compact wardrobes, then placing the garments that you only wear occasionally in a unit would mean you wouldn't need to, for example, stuff them into random free spaces within your new home, where they could get crumpled or where something could be spilt on them. Instead, you could get some cheap freestanding clothes rails, place these in a storage unit and keep your extra garments safe and wrinkle-free in this space.

To create extra space in your new home whilst you redecorate it

Another reason to consider using this service is that it could make the experience of redecorating your new home easier. For example, if you temporarily put your armchairs, sofa and coffee table into a storage unit whilst you're decorating your new living room, you won't need to have to worry that you'll splatter wallpaper adhesive or paint on these furniture items, nor will you have to move these hefty items out of the way, to access and decorate the different areas of the room.

Additionally, if your furniture is safely housed in a storage unit, there will be no risk of, for example, the paint fumes making the upholstery smell, or you accidentally tearing or leaving scratches on these items whilst carrying ladders or other bulky decorating tools through your home.