Considerations When Booking a Furniture Removalist to Help You Relocate

Posted on: 1 August 2023

Whether you intend to move locally or interstate, a furniture removal company can help you transfer your belongings. Here are several considerations to bear in mind before arranging the service.

Additional Assistance

When you move home, you have many things to organise besides loading and unloading the furniture. To streamline the experience, check what additional services the removalist company offers. Some businesses assist with tasks like packing and arranging temporary storage, making life easier for you. You could also book them to reassemble the furniture at your new home and with unpacking.

Advance Booking

Removalist companies can book quickly, so reserve your moving day as early as possible to secure your preferred time slot. Consider the peak times and avoid them to possibly get a better deal. Often, people move in the summer, at the month's end and on weekends. If you know when you have to move, it doesn't hurt to book months in advance. Check with a moving company to see what they recommend with regard to the booking schedule.

Furniture Removalists and Safety

A furniture removalist company will make the process of moving safer than if you attempted it yourself. They have the equipment, such as carrying straps and dollies, and know-how to lift and move heavy objects without causing injury to themselves or damaging furniture. With so many things to arrange when moving house, the process is stressful, and professional movers will lighten the burden. They'll take care with padding and protecting your stuff so that you can focus on other things. It's imperative to hire professionals if you have fragile pieces such as a piano or antiques, as they'll know how to handle them.

 Unloading Your Stuff

While it's best to leave the furniture removal to the professionals, you can plan to help the unloading process go smoothly. An inventory of the furniture pieces and where they belong in your new home will be useful, as the contractors can refer to the list when they carry each piece off the truck. You could even offer them a floor plan if you have one.

To prevent hiccups, measure the doorways and furniture beforehand and make alternate plans if needed. For example, you might need to disassemble some pieces. You can also disassemble smaller items, making them more straightforward to haul and load in the truck. For example, take the legs off chairs and tables and remove drawers from cabinets.

Reach out to furniture removal services near you to learn more.