Furniture Removal FAQs

Posted on: 20 March 2023

Are you hiring a removalist for the first time? If you are, you could be confused about what to expect when you hire a removal professional. Below are some FAQs to help you comprehend the removal process.  

What Services Do Removalists Offer? 

Removalists help their clients move items from their current location to new premises. Ideally, they offer the following services.

  • Packaging services: They wrap furniture and electronics to prevent breakage and scratches. The removalist also brings cartons to pack small-sized household items.
  • Shipping: Removalists have special trucks to move furniture and fragile household items.
  • Arranging: The professional unpacks and arranges your items in your new residence.
  • Insurance: Most removalists organise insurance packages for their clients to compensate them if some items get damaged during the move.
  • Storage: Removalists offer storage solutions ranging from onsite storage, portable on-demand storage, or offsite storage. 

Are Removal Services Expensive? 

Some clients presume removal services are expensive. However, hiring a removalist saves you costs. If you opt to conduct a self-move, you incur significant upfront costs. For instance, you need to buy packaging supplies. Moreover, you might have to close your business or take time off to pack and move your items. Given that you do not have any training on how to execute removals, there is a likelihood that you could damage your items. For instance, you could break furniture while attempting to dismantle or transport it. 

Conversely, you avoid all these risks and costs by hiring a removalist. Moreover, removalists have special packages to help clients save costs. For instance, they give instant discounts to first-time clients or those who make online bookings. The removalist could also provide portable-on-demand storage and backloading services to clients who plan to move on a budget. 

How Should You Vet Your Removalist

It is always wise to vet your removalist to ensure they are the right fit. For instance, inquire whether they specialise in commercial or residential moves. Moreover, ask about their operating area to know whether they have the permits to move your items to your new residence. Certification from furniture moving associations is an added advantage. The professional must also exhibit excellent organisation and customer care skills. For instance, make an inquiry, they should ask for your details and draw a removal plan and quote immediately. Finally, assess the removalist's terms and pricing. The rule is to negotiate these terms to suit your budget and situation. 

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