Reasons to Hire or Buy Shipping Containers

Posted on: 30 July 2015

Shipping containers can be a fabulous solution for various needs, whether it be housing, dangerous goods storage or basic storage. If you require a shipping container, then the biggest decision is whether to hire or buy one.

To help you come to a decision, listed below are some of the facts to help you make your final choice.

Reasons for Hiring Shipping Containers

Seasonal Needs

If you require a shipping container for seasonal use, such as storing winter items, hiring would make more sense than buying.

On Site Storage

Shipping containers are a good way of securing on site items. However, you may find that you do not need one on a permanent basis, so purchasing one may not be cost effective.

Temporary Storage

If your home is undergoing renovations, or you are moving property, temporary storage may be required. Hiring a storage container would be beneficial for this purpose.

Easy Disposal

Hiring shipping containers is a great idea, as you do not have to worry about disposal once you have finished with it. The owner will remove it on completion.


Hiring a shipping container rather than purchasing one is a good idea if you are not really sure of the specification you require. If you discover that you need a bigger size, you can simply exchange it.

Try Before You Buy

You may discover that a shipping container is not really what you wanted, therefore hiring one rather than buying one would be advised.

Reasons for Buying Shipping Containers

Long Term Requirements

It is more cost effective to buy a shipping container than it is to hire one if you will need it for a long time.

Continual Transportation Requirements

If you own a company that ships goods on a regular basis, buying a shipping container would be beneficial.


Shipping containers are very hardy and will last a long time before any major repairs need carrying out on it.


When buying a shipping container, you will have it available for all of your needs.


You can transform shipping containers to suit your requirements. Therefore, you will not need to buy one for every event you have.

Cost Effective

Constructing permanent buildings takes time and money, whereas a shipping container is already made and will suit your needs just as well.

It Is a Good Investment

If you have periods of time when you are not using your shipping container, you could lease it out to others and make some extra cash out of it.