Common Removals Packing Services

Posted on: 10 September 2015

A removals company can transport your items from one place to another whether it's within a city or into another state. But they also offer different kinds of packing services that can make your moving preparation much easier and more efficient. To help you obtain the best value for your money, here are the common packing services offered by a removals company.

Partial Packing -- A removals company offers you partial packing, in which it will box up fragile items that are easily broken. This includes glassware, crystals, plates, sculptures and vases. The removals company will come to your home with special boxes and padding, and wrap up your items before packing them in such a way as to prevent breakage or damage as these items are transported to your new location. This service only includes fragile items, which means that you are responsible for packing everything else. However, the value of this service is that the removals company guarantees that the items it packed will arrive safely at your new destination.

Full Packing -- When you choose a full packing removals service, the company will box up all your items for moving, including fragile or delicate items. Full packing includes disassembling beds, shelves and other furniture that requires breakdown before it can be safely packed. It also includes packing all your clothes and putting them into garment boxes. Some removals companies will also tape your dressers with clothes inside for easier unpacking when you arrive at your new home. With full packing every type of box required for your move is included in the final cost, with the most common being mirror boxes, book cartons, bicycle boxes and golf bag cartons. Full packing is convenient when you just don't have the time to do your own boxing, and when you want to ensure that your items are packed in the most secure and safe way possible.

Partial Unpacking -- When you don't want the hassle of having to unpack your fragile items, a removals company offers partial unpacking in which it will remove all fragile items from their boxes and place them where you want. Many movers choose to pair the partial packing and the partial unpacking option.

Full Unpacking -- Similar to partial unpacking, full unpacking is often chosen with full packing. The removals company will unpack your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and garage and put each item where you specify. The full packing and full unpacking services are the most expensive you can buy because you are essentially leaving the entire move to the removals company, but if you have no time to do any of that work, then this may be worth the cost, especially if you are undergoing a work relocation, which is often paid for by your employer.