Biggest mistakes to avoid when moving

Posted on: 5 November 2015

Moving is a part of life. It's a stage most have to go through, and it's caused by a number of reasons. You may be moving in an area of greener pastures, downsizing in preparation for retirement, or perhaps you got a new job elsewhere. Whatever your reason, one thing needs to be clear: Mistakes can be costly and result in headaches you never planned for. Here are some of the greatest mistakes you need to avoid.

Not thinking about the peak season

Before hiring a moving company, you need to have your timing figured out. The summer and spring seasons are the peak seasons, and removalists are normally extremely busy during these times. If you want to travel cheap, then travel in periods of less traffic.

However, if you really have to move in the summer, then ensure you book your moving date very early in advance. Any changes made in terms of the dates or location can be very inconvenient to the company. Inform them immediately, or else you risk not moving at all.

Moving non-allowable materials

Some items are a danger to move, and even the moving company may be against packing them. Corrosive and flammable materials rank at the top of this list. Additionally, it is also unlawful to move such products, and you may be arrested for doing so. Find out the best means to dispose of these items by going to your nearest environmental agency.

For long distance moves, also avoid perishables. You should be careful with items such as meat, fruits and dairy products because they can easily rot. Imagine trying unpack because of the intoxicating stench in the middle of a move.

Forgetting to take measurements

In the midst of all the emotion, you may forget to take the measurements of your new home. This may be a huge error because the size of your home also affects the things you carry. Put down the measurements, and draw up the floor space to scale if you can. You don't want to get to your destination and discover that your sofa can't get through the door.

Getting the measurements will also give you a good idea of what not to pack. If you've got furniture too huge for the home, you'd be better off selling it and buying new stuff at your destination.

Skipping insurance

Skipping mover's insurance can be a really enticing move if you're thinking of cutting down your costs. But it's not worth the risk particularly if you have valuable belongings that you would die without. Be familiar with your insurance options even before you move,and know the liability coverage policies. Different companies have varying policies, so don't be afraid to ask questions.