How to Move House Without Stressing Your Pet Bird Out

Posted on: 14 April 2017

Birds don't like change. This is especially true for pet birds that are used to being in a stable environment where they are surrounded by their flock (in this case you and your family). On moving day as well as the preceding days, your stress levels are likely to be higher than normal. Being a flock animal, your pet bird will pick up on this increased level of stress and become nervous and agitated. Add noise, removal men, as well as the journey to your new home to the mix, and you have all the ingredients for a stressed out bird.

If you plan ahead, however, you can prepare for this possibility by making the move and its many facets as smooth a transition as possible.

When moving with your bird, keep the following tips in mind.

Arrange for the Bulk of the Removals Team to Arrive First

When you call to book your removalists, be sure to inform them of your plans to transport your bird too. Together, you can plot the move in such a way that moving day stress for your bird is minimized.

Plan your move so that the removals team arrive at your new home first. Along with your spouse or a family member, have them set up a "zone of familiarity" for your bird, so that when you arrive, you can place your bird into an area of your new home already set up for your bird. Place familiar objects, pictures and furniture in the area to keep your bird calm in their new surroundings.

Do a Few Practice Runs Beforehand

On moving day, your bird is going to be subjected to a myriad of changes, all happening at once. It's up to you to ensure that your bird is prepared for those changes when they occur, especially if they have spent much of their life confined to your home, within familiar surroundings.

About a month before you move, start taking your bird on car journeys. Start with short trips around the block, and gradually increase the distance travelled until you are sure that your bird is comfortable. Most birds love travelling by car as they get to watch the world go by outside, however, some birds have a nervous disposition and will be spooked by it all.

Keep Your Bird Away from Windows If They are Nervous

As mentioned earlier, some birds get stressed by the sight of the world whizzing by. If your bird is easily agitated, put the cage or carrier on the floor between seats, and ensure you secure it before the journey begins. Do not place a cover over the cage, however, as all this does is blind the bird, making a stressful situation even more stressful.

Stick to the Familiar as Much as Possible

Your bird is used to being in the same cage, in the same location and with the same people. Therefore, when moving, don't place your bird into a carrier. Instead, put them on the back car seat next to their favourite human or other pet, in their own cage and with their own toys. Provide them with some familiar objects from the room they once called home, for example, that picture on the wall next to their cage can be placed next to their cage during the car journey.

One final tip for your bird's sanity and safety is to keep them in the spare room with some soft music playing and preferably someone they are familiar with while the removals team does their thing.

A good removals team are ready for anything, be it children, pet birds, or clients with special needs. Inform your chosen removalist ahead of time and they can ensure that any noise will be kept to a minimum, and that your bird isn't disturbed during the moving day hullabaloo.