Helping an Elderly Relative Move to a New Home: Things to Consider

Posted on: 19 April 2017

Do you have an elderly family member who will be moving to a new home? Broadly speaking, moving to a new home is the same basic process regardless of age, and yet there can be a few extra factors to consider when the person is elderly. So what are some of these special considerations that you can help with?


Is the move to a new home downsizing? Perhaps your elderly relative no longer needs the space of the home they've lived in for a considerable period of time and wants to live somewhere more manageable. Help them go through their possessions with a view to discarding a number of them. This process can be time-consuming, as it can be difficult to choose what to keep, both in terms of the sentimental value of the items in question and the logistics of having enough space in their new home. Once a number of possessions have been earmarked for disposal, contact a local charity to arrange collection. It would be a nice touch if the charity was for a cause that's special to your relative.

The Furniture Removals Company

Help your relative to choose a furniture removals company that is within their budget. You might want to have a word with the company yourself, to explain that their client is elderly. The main provision for an elderly client is to perhaps ensure that all the furniture in the new home is immediately placed in the position of your relative's choosing. Some minor repositioning might be necessary once everything has been moved inside. This ensures that your relative will not attempt to move heavy items by themselves after the move has been completed.

Preparing the New Home

You might need to prepare the new home prior to your relative moving in. For example, it might be necessary for handrails to be installed in areas such as the shower. If your relative is experiencing issues with their eyesight, some contrast can be helpful. This means that a new coat of paint might be required to allow key areas (such as light switches and electrical sockets) to stand out. You should also print out a list of helpful telephone numbers (including your own number as well as those of any nearby friends and family members) to be placed by the telephone.

Moving can be stressful, regardless of age. By following these basic steps, you can ensure that your elderly relative will quickly be as comfortable in their new home as they were in their former home.