Preparations to Make Before Brisbane to Melbourne Removals

Posted on: 27 September 2017

Make sure your home is ready for your arrival

Moving house isn't all about transferring your goods from A to B. When you arrive, you'll need to access the home comforts that are available at your present property. Things to consider include:

  • Instruction manuals for fixed features in the new house, such as ovens and boilers
  • An Internet and phone connection for when you arrive
  • Redirecting post, so you don't miss anything important

Rather than agreeing to the present owner's agreed utility provider, check out the best quotes for yourself. You may find you can save money on gas and electricity at your new property.

Plan where your furniture will fit

Whether you're downsizing or upscaling, you'll need to ensure you can fill your new property with furniture that keeps you comfortable. One way to do this is to list the biggest items you currently own, then find an app that lets you identify whether they fit in the new one. If you have more space at the new house, decide what you want to buy to fill it, but don't opt for a delivery until after the move. Buying new furniture in advance increases your removal costs.

Pack for the worst scenario

Generally, home removal companies act with integrity. However, everyone's human, which means accidents can happen. When you're preparing and packing your goods, taking the following steps keeps them safe:

  • Using high-quality packing materials
  • Employ lots of bubble wrap and padding for fragile items
  • Pack slowly
  • Leave lots of time to pack, so you don't rush the process and damage items
  • Purchase the right insurance for your goods

Decide how you'll get there

If you're driving from Brisbane to Melbourne, you can expect the journey to last over 18 hours. Your removal company isn't likely to complete the journey in one session if the removers drive. You, therefore, need to decide how you and your furniture will get there. If you choose to fly your furniture, you'll need to pay for cargo costs, which vary according to each airline. However, your items will arrive quickly, which means you may finish the process in one day. In contrast, going by car means making several stops, and either you'll have to arrive before your furniture or it'll arrive before you. Both ideas come with perks, you just need to decide which works best for you.

With the right planning, Brisbane to Melbourne removals run smoothly. As with any process, taking your time and reaching out to professionals when you need help makes a big difference in how well the event goes.