Moving Storage Options for Long Distance Moves

Posted on: 21 December 2018

Planning a long-distance move means not only finding the right moving company but also finding the right storage solutions. You will need to not only move your items, but you will also need to store them for a short period of time at the beginning and end of the moving process. In fact, you may need to store certain items for a longer period of time at the new destination. Here are some of your moving storage options to consider to make your move easier.

Home-Delivered Pod Storage

One of the options that is becoming increasingly popular are home-delivered pod storage. These options deliver a storage pod directly to your home. The pod is placed in your front yard or driveway. You load the pod yourself for the move. Once the pod is loaded, you lock the pod with an industrial lock. The pod company will pick up the pod on a specified date and move the pod to your new location. Once you arrive at the new location, you unpack the pod yourself. The pod company will pick up the empty pod on a specified date.

Unit-Based Pod Storage

Unit-based pod storage and moving is ideal if you live in a housing complex or in a neighborhood where a home-delivered pod storage service would not be available. With the unit-based pod storage, you drive to the storage unit complex and load your storage unit. Once the storage unit is loaded and ready, you will ensure the items are secure and lock the unit. The unit itself is portable. A forklift device or elevator lift is used to move the storage unit pod. The pod is transported to a storage unit in your new location. You can then move the items out of the pod at your own pace and continue to rent the unit for as long as you need. The pod will sit at the storage unit and function like a typical storage unit.

Unit to Unit Storage

Unit-to-unit moving storage does not use a portable pod like the home-delivered or unit-based options. You will rent a storage unit, move in your items and have a moving company move the items from the storage unit rather than your home. The items are taken to the new storage unit in your destination city. Items are then unpacked into the new storage unit and are ready ahead of your arrival. You can move the items out and to your new home on your own and use the storage unit on a monthly basis for ongoing storage as needed.

If any of these moving storage options sound like they would work for your needs, contact your local moving companies. They can help you with the available options, pricing and questions you have about the scheduling and moving process. They can also help with additional options such as packing and unpacking services.