Two Things You Can Do To Enable Your Removals Team To Work Extra Fast

Posted on: 12 May 2021

Here are some things you can do to enable your removals team to move your items as fast as possible.

Ensure the walkways in your home are free of clutter

One of the best things you can to do ensure the removalists can work very quickly is to clear your home's walkways of any clutter. You should, for example, remove any packed boxes, random objects that you have yet to pack, as well as any furniture (such as any shoe racks, coat racks or console tables you have in your hallway) and wall décor (like mirrors) from these areas.

If the removalists have to walk through a cluttered hallway with big boxes in their arms, they'll have to walk slowly to avoid tripping over objects you've left on the floor and to avoid bumping into and breaking or knocking over any mirrors, shoe racks or other items. Furthermore, if despite their efforts to be cautious they, for example, knock a coat rack over, they would have to put down the box, put the rack back in its place and put any fallen coats back on its hooks, before they could carry on.

Conversely, if you put these items in the property's rooms so that its walkways are clear, the removalists won't have to be excessively cautious when walking through them whilst carrying your things and will, therefore, be able to quickly take these items out of your home and load them into their van.

Tell them if you own any sturdy-looking items that are actually fragile  

Removals teams will always be extra careful when handling items that they know to be fragile (such as glass vases, mirrors, etc.). However, if you own items that look very sturdy but which you know are surprisingly fragile, you should tell the removals team about this.

If you tell them this, they can then take precautions to keep it safe, and thus ensure that no time-consuming accidents involving this fragile item occur whilst they're transporting it. For example, if you have a robust-looking dining table that is, in fact, poorly constructed and whose legs fall off at the drop of a hat, telling the removals team this will mean that they can place it tabletop-side-down in the van and thus ensure that the table doesn't collapse, land on the boxes underneath it and squash their contents (this might require them to stop the van, remove and examine the damage caused to the squashed boxes, reattach the table legs, and then reposition the table to prevent a repeat of this incident). This, in turn, will enable them to get all of your items, including the fragile ones, to your new home as fast as possible.

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