How To Conduct An Interstate Move

Posted on: 21 July 2021

Unlike a local move, an interstate move can be quite complicated. As such, it would not come as a surprise if you are anxious about moving to another state. The extract below discusses some interstate removal tips. Hopefully, it will ensure you have a stress-free move. 

Know The Specifications Of Your New Property

The specifications of the other party could significantly affect the move. As such, it would be wise to assess these specifications before moving in. For instance, if the house has fewer rooms than your current home, decide how you will plan the new space. For instance, you could combine some bedrooms or hire a storage unit close to your new residence. Does the property have large entrances? If not, you could need to dismantle bulky furniture. If your new residence is on a flat with a narrow staircase, a forklift or hoists could be used to lift your items to your house. 

Set A Removals Date

While local moves could take a few hours, interstate moves do not. When setting a removals date, assess the distance between your two residences. Check the travel time and how long it takes to arrange your new home. Ideally, you should dedicate a day or two for the move. It prevents you from doing everything in a hurry. In such a way, you will avoid oversights. 

Work With An Accredited Removalist

A removalist will take over the hassles of packing your items and arranging your new home. Below are some tips to help you when hiring a removalist for your interstate move: 

  • Inquire about the removalist's specialisation. Ideally, they should have conducted interstate moves in the past.
  • As a rule, the removalist should have a licence to provide interstate removal services.
  • Interstate moves can be time-consuming. Therefore, assess the removalist's availability. Additionally, they should have skilled personnel to help out with packing and loading.
  • Ask for a quote to budget for the move. Consult with the removalist to establish how you can reduce the removal costs. For instance, you could move during the weekdays when the costs are low. 

Secure The Required Permits

Your removalist should help you secure the permits required to execute an interstate move. Check how local laws will affect the move. For instance, you could be prohibited from using certain routes. Besides, some states will prohibit you from moving in with some pets or plants. 

When conducting an interstate move, determine the specifications of the new property, set a removals date, work with an accredited removalist, secure the required permits. For more information about interstate removal services, contact a local company.